How Important is Page Speed For SEO? Just Another Reason for Ubuntu Servers

ubuntu web server

As Ubuntu enthusiasts, we know that Ubuntu open-source servers are fast, secure and the best available. Now, those involved with web hosting and even those in SEO get advantages for better rankings as page speed is a major part of Google’s algorithm. We all wonder why anyone would want their website on Windows servers. Now there is just another reason why you want your website to be on an Ubuntu server.

SEO and Website Page Speed

A web page speed is also referred to as the “page-load time”. It is simply the amount of time that it takes for the pages of your website to load or become visible, once a user requests them. People with a slow connection are accustomed to waiting. Many of today’s internet users have high speed internet. DSL, cable and FIOS are responsible for that. They are not accustomed to waiting.

No more slow web pages – no more excuses!! The value of Your Page Speed

The analysis provided by Google page speed can help you make your site faster and keep your users engaged. The company says that it can reduce your bandwidth usage, which could lower your hosting costs. “A web page’s loading time is becoming extremely important in search engine rankings.” says our member Shawn Champion, an SEO Las Vegas expert.

Improving page speed can cost a little money, so a small business might not do it.

Site visitors are never forgiving of slow web sites and will typically blame the site they are visiting for an unsatisfactory experience. Whatever the reason and wherever the fault lies, the end user will leave with a negative perception of the site based on their encounter. It is not your fault but it is your problem!

The main purpose of your site is to engage the audience. The quicker any website audience is able to get information, the more they are likely to click around the site and interact more with it. They will also spend longer and digesting the information since there is no time lag for the pages loading. That page speed is one of the factors Google looks at when ranking your website.

The Internet is becoming an increasingly competitive field, and if you don’t have the performance power to back you up, then you will quickly lose out to one of your “competition sites” that does care about expediency. Improving page speed can cost a little money, so a small business might not do it. But, believe it or not, there is quite a bit that you can do without jacking up your expenses too high. Here are some free ways to improve page speed:

Check your cache settings

If you’re running an open source content management system like Drupal, it’s likely someone has developed some extensions to boost cache performance.

Compress CSS and javascript

Your CMS probably has extensions that will do this for you. If not, there are a few online services that will compress your files for you.

Host on Multiple Servers

Multiple servers spread out the burden of site operation across a variety of locations. Hosting on just one server does not create the level of redundancy that ensures smooth operation. With multi server hosting, visitors do not have to wait on information to travel across the globe.

Consider Upgraded Servers

According to Ubuntu enthusiast and owner of SEO Phoenix Corey Brown “Bandwidth, multiple servers and infrastructure of hosting companies are not the only influencing factors to your speed. You may have outgrown your server. Upgrade to a dedicated or virtual private server and pay for what you actually need instead of a fraction of it. With all these factors in place, it will be lift off time for your site.”

Image Size

Always use images with as small a file size as practicable. Large file sized images take more time to load than small ones. There are various ways of reducing image file sizes including using different image formats and reduced resolution.


It is always a good idea to make your page load quickly. Above are a few basics to improve page load speed performance. Load times of pages are necessary for effective SEO and are basic best practice of web page design and development.